What You Should Know About Us

We've Read Thousands of Applications


Founded in 2005 by a former Ivy-League Admissions professional, Admit One was created to assist students in articulating their strengths, crafting insightful essays, shaping memorable applications, and presenting themselves optimally in interviews.

We Know How to Knock Their Socks Off


There are many wonderful, intelligent students out there but most college applications simply fall flat. Admit One works with students to create compelling college applications and essays that make an impression.

We'll Help You Figure Out What You Want To Say Before You Try to Say It


You can’t sit down in one afternoon and crank out your college applications. Before you write, you have to figure out what makes you tick, what sets you apart, and why you are compelling. And once you’ve figured that out, you need to tell that story so others can see just how interesting, thoughtful, and dynamic you are.

We Know The Best Application Is The Authentic Application


This isn’t about “packaging” you to be something you aren’t. This isn’t about shaping an application that makes you into the person that you think the college wants you to be. This isn’t about adding stress. This is about finding your voice, developing your message, and making sure your application reflects the best parts of you.