Curriculum for 10th and 11th Graders

Be Proactive

By starting earlier, we are able to help frame students' approach to thinking about college and provide tips for researching colleges.

Shape Yourself, Not Just an Application

Don't wait until senior year to try to package yourself in a way that makes you look like an interesting person. Start exploring who you so you can be an interesting person. And then the application will write itself (and you'll be better off too).

Plan Now

Spend a little time with us now so we can get to know you, help you figure out how to develop your interests, choose your classes, and take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead.

We  generally recommend two to three sessions annually for both 10th and 11th graders, starting in fall of their sophomore year.  During these sessions, we develop a strategy and then check-in on progress and adjust accordingly.

Contact us to develop a plan that works for you.