About Us

Standard Package

Our six-session course (detailed below) is designed to guide students and their families through the entire college application process.

Each student works one-on-one with a consultant on self-assessment, college research, shaping an application, writing an essay, and developing interview skills.

We are also available for individual consulting sessions on specific topics.

What You Should Expect

Each student should expect to finish the course with a polished application, essay, list of schools, and improved interview skills.

Create a Curriculum That Works for You

We also provide individual consulting sessions for specific topics: 

  • essay writing
  • interview prep
  • application sculpting
  • research skills

See below for a more detailed description of what each session offers.

Curriculum for Seniors

Session I

The Inside Scoop on the Admissions Process from a former College Admissions Officer 

Session II

  • Intro to Choosing the Right College (For You)
  • Intro to Writing a College Essay (That Matters)

Session III

  • Selecting an Essay Topic 
  • Researching Colleges and Universities

Session IV

  • Interview Skills and Prep
  • Intro to Crafting an Application
  • Review of First Draft of Essay 

Session V

  • Revising the Application 
  • Reviewing the Second Draft of Essay
  • Tips for Campus Visits
  • Tips for Asking for Recommendations

Session VI

Putting the Finishing Touches on the Essay